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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Now I will illustrate my previous post. We will make blogger template for adsense. At the begining we have just another simple template. You can choose any. Just what ever you like
This is mine
I use this Blogger Adsense template

Blogger template for Adsense

Looks bad. Too many extra widjets. Look at the colours. Ok, here we go

Adsense template for Blogger

Here is Layout tab. Delete all extra widjets. Only those that you will not use

Adsense template

I left only several widjets. All others I don't need. Look at the blog now. What do you think? Looks better for me

Template for Adsense

We've got only those widjets that we need. Nothing more. Because remember, when your blog has too many things to look at - your visitors will look at anything but will not see your ads
Now I will change the colour of blog title from black to grey. Go to Layout-Fonts and colours

Blogger Adsense template

Looks even better. Then adjust your adsense colours. Links at the page are red. Your ads must be red too. And background colours of ads and posts must be similar. Look at the picture below

Blogger template Adsense

But still I worry about the blog archive widjet in the left corner. Lets try red colour

Blogger template for Adsense

Fine. What do you think? Compare first picture and last. Didn't we get blogger adsense template that makes our ads a part of design?


Blogger template for Adsense. What is it?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogger template for adsense. What this actualy mean? What is the difference? Is there a templates that fits most for ads?

Many people try to find the templates that will bring them millions. I think this will never going to happen. You'll never find template absolutely ready for your blog and still you need to adjust adsense to make it a part of your blog not looking like an advertisement. We can choose any template and earn money with it. You just need to optimise it for your blog and optimise ads for it

So here is my way. I don't use advertisement widjets. I place google ads right at the top and bottom of the post. Look at the colours. They are the similar for ads and for links

Remember when you place more ads to your blogs your visitors will not be happy. When you place less ads you will get less money

So best blogger template for adsense is yours just follow this instructions

- place adsense into the post
- make the colours similar to your blog
- use 2-3 ads per page (if your page is big use a little bit more)

The test will go on. 3 different templates. Visit and you will see the results


Blogspot template for Adsense #3

Finally the one I like most. I think this design is better
Blogspot Adsense template

Blogspot template for Adsense

It has 6 places for google ads widjet

Blogspot Adsense template


Another Adsense optimised template

Second blogger adsense template.

3 columns here with five different types of placing ads
Blogger template for Adsense

Colours must be optimised


Blogger template for Adsense

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our test has been started. First one is here
3 columns with nice looking design

Adsense template 1

Download and use it (Layout-Edit html of your Blogger)

Now you can see five different types of placing ads while using this template. 1, 2 - you can use right and middle columns. 3 - above the footer. 4 - after each post of your blog. 5 - below the header. I think 2, 4, 5 can be useful


Best Adsense template

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I think everyone who has blog and use adsense to earn some money cares about templates. Many bloggers try to find answer what-template-is-the-best. That is fairly, because it's our money.

Template is very important. It defines where google ads will be shown. They can make you both richer or sad about your adsense account depending where your adsense placed

Here we will test some templates trying to find which one is better


Best Adsense template

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