Blogger template for Adsense. What is it?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogger template for adsense. What this actualy mean? What is the difference? Is there a templates that fits most for ads?

Many people try to find the templates that will bring them millions. I think this will never going to happen. You'll never find template absolutely ready for your blog and still you need to adjust adsense to make it a part of your blog not looking like an advertisement. We can choose any template and earn money with it. You just need to optimise it for your blog and optimise ads for it

So here is my way. I don't use advertisement widjets. I place google ads right at the top and bottom of the post. Look at the colours. They are the similar for ads and for links

Remember when you place more ads to your blogs your visitors will not be happy. When you place less ads you will get less money

So best blogger template for adsense is yours just follow this instructions

- place adsense into the post
- make the colours similar to your blog
- use 2-3 ads per page (if your page is big use a little bit more)

The test will go on. 3 different templates. Visit and you will see the results


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